A New Paradigm in Knee Bracing:
The World’s First Patellofemoral & Multicompartmental Bracing Solution
A New Paradigm in Knee Bracing:

The world’s first patellofemoral and multicompartmental bracing solution

Drs. Ivan Wong and Alan Getgood review the evidence of an emerging technology that improves outcomes in patients with knee pain arising from patellofemoral OA, multicompartmental OA, and cartilage defects.

Research Highlights

Patient Registry Tracks Outcomes

Prescribing physicians receive patient progress reports at 6 points over 2 years of brace wear that track the following validated measures:

• Function, Daily Living (KOOS)
• Pain (KOOS)
• Quality of Life (KOOS)
• Pain (Visual Analog Scale)
• Hours of Brace Wear

Existing Knee Braces vs. Spring Loaded

Unlike existing OA braces that use straps to redistribute pressure from one side of the knee to the other, Spring Loaded braces use a sophisticated arrangement of springs to unburden all three compartments of the knee, resulting in load reductions equivalent to losing 45 lb of bodyweight 1-Budarick et al. 2020 J. Biomech. Eng. 142(1).

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Clinical Efficacy of Spring Loaded

In a retrospective study of 40 patients with multicompartmental knee OA, using a Spring Loaded brace was found to result in clinically relevant improvements in knee pain and lower-extremity function. Brace users also reported improvements in physical activity levels and reduced reliance on other treatment methods.

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Support During Activities of Daily Living

In patients with moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis, Spring Loaded bracing has been shown to significantly reduce knee extension moments and quadriceps muscle power during chair rise-and-lower and stair descent.

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Bracing Options Based on Patient Symptoms

For patients who have patellofemoral or multicompartmental knee OA, Spring Loaded knee braces are much more effective at treating pain than traditional offloading knee braces.

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About The Speakers

Dr. Wong

Dr. Ivan Wong is an orthopaedic surgeon at the QEII Health Sciences Center in Halifax, NS, and an associate professor at Dalhousie University. His expertise lies in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder, hip, and knee.

Throughout his career, he has developed multiple minimally invasive arthroscopic alternatives to challenging hip and shoulder injuries. His innovations have targeted irreparable massive rotator cuff tear and recurrent dislocations of the shoulder with bone loss. He has also demonstrated the effectiveness of bioscaffold technology to stimulate cartilage regeneration in cases where the development of hip arthritis or further damage to the hip were concerns. 

Over time, his career has expanded from the operating room to teaching other healthcare professionals. He has helped train medical students, residents, fellows, and orthopaedic surgeons in sports medicine and arthroscopic procedures. In the recent past, he received a Master’s in Academic Medicine at the University of Southern California with a focus on translating surgical skills from academe to hospital.

Dr. Getgood

Dr. Alan Getgood is an orthopaedic surgeon and clinician scientist specializing in complex knee reconstruction. He completed his primary medical degree at the University of Edinburgh followed by orthopaedic residency and a research doctorate at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Getgood’s clinical practice focuses on complex soft tissue reconstruction of the knee. He has been successful in securing over 3 million dollars in peer reviewed and industry funded grants to build his pre-clinical and clinical research program focusing on joint preservation. Particular achievements include being awarded the ISAKOS/OREF multicentre research grant in 2014, the Ontario Early Researcher Award in 2016 and most recently the Albert Trillat Young Investigator award at ISAKOS 2017.

Over his career, Dr. Getgood has authored over 60 peer-reviewed articles and numerous book chapters. He has given over 100 national and international conference presentations, lectures and demonstrations. He is a General Board Member of the ICRS, is Deputy Chair of the Sports Medicine Committee of ISAKOS and sits on the Education Committee of AOSSM.