Tear Sheet

Inform your patients on the unique features of the Levitation knee brace. This tear sheet provides a brief overview of the advantages of Levitation as a treatment option for knee osteoarthritis and knee pain.

Multiple Forces Reduced

Each TCO brace model significantly reduced PF, TF, PC ligament, PT and QT forces during a deep knee bend test.

Reduced Joint Load

Each TCO brace model significantly reduced knee joint loads by at least 32% when compared to the non-braced condition.

Replicates & Extends Previous Research

Results corroborate the knee joint offloading capabilities of a TCO, as demonstrated in a previous study (Budarick et al. 2020).

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This is a useful infographic to help patients understand the anatomy of multicompartmental knee osteoarthritis, and the differences in function between a uni-compartment offloader knee brace and a tri-compartment offloader knee brace like Levitation.

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