Scotia Face Shield

The Scotia Face Shield is a premium quality, reusable, medical-grade face shield that provides protection for the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. The shield is made of high quality, optically clear plastic and features an anti-fog design. It was designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, and is manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada to the requirements and standards of the Canadian healthcare system. You can order a Scotia Face Shield with or without a foam brow to accommodate the different types PPE you need to wear underneath.

Scotia Shield with Foam Brow

Our premium medical-grade face shield comes with a foam brow and an adjustable headband. This shield is available with two different brow foam depths: 1.75″ (standard) and 2.75″ (deep). The 1.75″ version can be worn with most N95 masks, respirators, safety glasses and loupes (without light). The 2.75″ version can be worn with loupes & dental lights under the shield, or with other extended PPE around the eyes.

Scotia Shield with Headband

Our standard medical-grade face shield has a thinner layer of brow foam and an adjustable headband for all day comfort. This shield can be worn with most N95 masks, respirators, safety glasses, and loupes. Most dental lights can be attached to the top edge of the shield.

For more information or to order a Scotia Face Shield, please visit

Multiple Forces Reduced

Each TCO brace model significantly reduced PF, TF, PC ligament, PT and QT forces during a deep knee bend test.

Reduced Joint Load

Each TCO brace model significantly reduced knee joint loads by at least 32% when compared to the non-braced condition.

Replicates & Extends Previous Research

Results corroborate the knee joint offloading capabilities of a TCO, as demonstrated in a previous study (Budarick et al. 2020).

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