dav trivett spring loaded knee brace testimonial for knee injury

Dan Trivett

Knee Injury

“In 1996 I was hit by a car while cycling in New York City. 16 knee operations and three knee replacements later, I was very limited in the exercise I could do.

Two years after the accident, I had my kneecap removed after it was revealed there was significant damage to it. Due to the nature of my third knee implant, I could only do non-impact sports such as walking. The knee is weak and unstable due to the number of surgeries I’ve had and the lack of a kneecap.

I read about the Spring Loaded knee brace online and went for a demo while I lived in Halifax. I was super impressed right away. I could do stairs again with ease and walk without fear of the knee giving out.

I wear the brace daily for walking, light exercise, and at work. I’ve had many people ask me where I got it. I always refer them to the spring-loaded website. This is truly a life-changing brace for me.”