bernie power spring loaded knee brace testimonial

Bernie Power

Knee Injury

“Wearing it in Costa Rica wasn’t a problem. Praying for summer! I continue to make adjustments to straps and pads due to irritation or pressure points, depending on what I am doing. I realize my knee is not your average knee (mine being encapsulated, misaligned, knock-kneed, and muscle loss).

I continue to say that the brace stabilizes my knee to a comfortable level for a wide variety of activities. My wife tells me it eliminates most of my limping and I have more endurance for extended periods of time.

I had a fall two weeks ago where my bad leg folded under me to a full 180-degree angle. At best, most of the time I may have 100 degrees of flexion. This type of injury in the past took me a month and a half to get back to the pre-injury level of comfort. The brace has allowed me to recover in a shorter period of time because of the level of comfort due to joint stability.

Presently, I wear the brace playing hockey, walking the dogs (one to two hours a day), and when working outdoors.”