More Than

Your Standard

Knee Brace

We know, we know – for many individuals, knee braces leave a lot to be desired. If you have pain originating from more than one side of your knee or in your kneecap, bracing has likely failed to meaningfully relieve your pain.

This is why we at Spring Loaded have reinvented knee bracing. Using patented spring technology, we have engineered a new kind of knee brace that powers your legs and reduces pain across the entire knee joint – so finally, you can get back to doing more of what you love.

How Spring Loading Works

As you bend your knee, springs located in the Spring Pack absorb body weight and painful joint forces. When you extend your legs, the springs release that energy, powering your movements, reducing pain, and helping you return to your favourite activities.

Spring Loading: An Effective Osteoarthritis Solution

Why Standard Offloader Braces Do Not Work

Offloader knee OA braces use straps to force pressure from one side of the knee to the other. These types of offloader braces can only treat arthritis in one side of the knee at a time – a disease pattern found in only 32%1-Stoddart, JC et al. 2021. Osteo. Cart. doi:10.1016/j.joca.2020.10.011 of the knee OA population.

Patients with medial or lateral OA may find momentary relief with offloader bracing. However, due to the progressive nature of OA, this brace will likely become ineffective over time.

Spring Loading Relieves the Entire Knee Joint

Spring loading is a fundamentally different approach to knee bracing. Instead of using a traditional strapping method, spring loading uses spring technology to reduce pressure in the joint and power the legs.

Because spring loading works on the entire joint, any OA patient – regardless of their arthritis pattern – can find pain relief. Other knee conditions, such as meniscus and ligament injuries, can benefit from the technology as well.

45 lb

Reduced Pressure Across Entire Knee

Over 40% of joint loads are reduced during weight-bearing knee flexion, a reduction equivalent to losing 45 lb of bodyweight.


Rapid, Significant Pain Relief

100% of patients reported pain scores that surpassed the Patient Acceptable Symptom State, the point at which patients feel well again.


Reduced Reliance on Other Treatments

60% of patients decreased their use of injections, walking aids, or other health services. 65% decreased their medication use.

Will Spring Loading Work for Me?

Spring Loading has helped people with a range of different conditions including arthritis, cartilage defects, meniscus injuries, and quadriceps weakness.

Because Spring Loading provides immediate relief, many people experience an immediate reduction in pain. This instant relief is often accompanied with an ability to perform activities or movements that were previously challenging.

Spring Load Your Life

To see if Spring Loading is right for you, arrange a free remote consultation with one of our bracing specialists. We are available at 1-877-209-8780 (toll-free) anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern. Or, provide your contact details below and a specialist will be in touch.

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